We are engaged in neurological disease research by converging reprogramming technology and data science.
It is our dream to find a cure for irremediable neurological diseases with the power of science. We are innovating reprogramming-based research by its merger with the power of artificial intelligence and thereby challenging to reveal the mysterious reasons why neurodegeneration occurs, and to explore the question of what a human being is. We are working on the following projects:
-Research on the pathogenesis and treatment of neurological diseases including ALS and Alzheimer’s disease
-Neurodegeneration Research using machine learning
-Research on brain intelligence using primate stem cells.
We start with the thought "I wish I could do this, know this, and try this”. A “dream-driven approach” is the style of our laboratory.

  • 2021.03.13
    The 20th Congress of The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine
    "Neurological disease research using disease-specific organoids"
  • 2020.09.09
    open-access NRI Webinar series, Neuroregeneration Institute, McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School
    "Extracellular Tau as a therapeutic target of FTLD"


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