Woltjen Lab

Stem Cells and Genome Engineering

The Woltjen Lab is located at Kyoto University‘s Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA). We are located on the Kyoto University Medical Campus, just east of the Kamo River, on the opposite bank from Kyoto Gosho – the prior Imperial Palace.

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See an overview of iCeMS and CiRA facilities across campus

Get a more detailed map of the Medical Campus (CiRA is Bldg #36)


How to get to CiRA (from Kyoto Station)


Board Kyoto City Bus #206 from the North exit of Kyoto Station bound for “Higashiyama St. and Kitaoji Bus Terminal” (departs every 7-10 min, Fare: ~220 yen).  Get off at Kumano Jinja-mae (8th bus stop).  Walk North one block to the campus gates, and then walk North-West.



Board the JR Nara-line train from Kyoto Station bound for “Nara”, and get off at “Tofukuji” station (first stop, Fare: ~140 yen).
Transfer to the Keihan Line from Touhukuhi Station bound for “Demachiyanagi”, and get off at “Jingu Maruta-Machi” station (5th stop, Fare: ~260 yen).
NOTE: You must board the local train, as the express train does NOT stop at Jingu Maruta-Machi Station. If you do mistake the train, the next stop – Demachiyanagi – is the last on the route.
Walk North from Exit #5 (the river will be on your left) ~100 metres until you reach a car and pedestrian entrance. Walk east ~150 metres, and CiRA will be on your left.



The distance from Kyoto Station to CiRA is approximately 5~6 km, and takes about 10-20 min by car, depending on traffic. Have the driver take you to Kyoto University Yoshida Campus (or Jingu Maruta-Machi Station), turn onto Kasuga Street, and stop at the campus entrance along the North side of the street (approximately 100 metres from the intersection). Walk north into the campus ~100 metres to CiRA (Fare: around 1,600 yen).