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New Graduate Student: Harunobu Kagawa

A new Ph.D. Graduate Student, Harunobu Kagawa, has joined our lab from today! Kagawa-San obtained his M.Sc. at Hiroshima University, studying the role of the cell cycle in human iPSC reprogramming processes. Moreover, he is the first Japanese Graduate Student in the Woltjen Lab. 🙂 Welcome to the lab, Haru! 頑張りましょう!

New Post-Doctoral Fellow: Dr. Oceguera

A new Post-doctoral Fellow, Dr. Jose Fabian Oceguera-Yanez, has joined our lab today! Dr. Oceguera earned his Ph.D. with Dr. Shuh Narumiya here at Kyoto University, and then spent time in the UK studying under the supervision of Dr. Fiona Watt., developing further his expertise in cell signaling and differentiation. From April, his focus will shift […]

New Research Student

Welcome Ms. Tan Ghee (Jyven) Wan to the Lab! Jyven joined us from Malaysia as a Monbukagakukusho (Monbusho) Research Student as of April 1, 2012. She is currently balancing intensive Japanese studies with learning lab techniques and preparation for entrance to the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine Master’s program. We are all prepared to […]

New Post-Doctoral Fellow: Dr. Kim

A new Post-doctoral Fellow, Dr. Shin-Il Kim has joined our lab. Dr. Kim worked previously under the supervision of Dr. Emery Bresnick at the University of Wisconsin. His expertise lies in nucleosome remodelling, and will be applying these techniques to interrogate our dox-inducible iPS cell reprogramming system. Dr. Kim is funded by the Japan Society for […]

New Technical Staff

Mrs. Horiguchi joins the lab as Technical Staff. Welcome to the Lab!