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KLF4 stoichiometry varies between polycistronic constructs

Dr. Shin-Il Kim and his lab mates have been working like machines to unravel a reprogramming mystery. Employing piggyBac transposons to deliver two seemingly similar polycistronic reprogramming cassettes (both employing the Yamanaka Factors Oct3/4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc), achieves two drastically distinct reprogramming outcomes. With one vector, colonies are plentiful, yet ultimately fail to fully […]

Collaborator employs piggyBac for synthetic gene cascade

Collaborator Miki Ebisuya (RIKEN Unit Leader and JST PRESTO member) employed multiple piggyBac transposons to deliver components of the Notch-Delta cascade to mammalian cells without such inherent cell-cell signalling. By recreating the gene network artificially, her research team was able to break cellular symmetry, and generate an asymmetric population of cells in an appropriate ratio. […]

Cell Stem Cell Nobel Issue

Dr. Woltjen was invited to submit an article Cell Stem Cell’s Special Issue honoring the 2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine, awarded to Drs. Yamanaka and Gurdon. The article features short opinion articles from young leaders in the field, covering a range of pressing topics in the current landscape of stem cell research. Read about it […]

Alternative splicing affects pluripotency and differentiation

Our transposon vectors and secondary reprogramming system (Nature, 2009) were put to work in collaboration with the Blencowe lab to help uncover the role of alternative Foxp1 splicing during human and mouse ES cell differentiation or somatic cell reprogramming. Read the manuscript in Cell!

Equine iPS cells using transposon vectors

iPS cells from Equine Fibroblasts published in Stem Cell Reviews and Reports. View it on Pubmed