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Stem Cells and Genome Engineering

Written by: on February 23, 2012 @ 07:54

The 1st International CiRA Symposium is being held today. Last year, this event was postponed due to the tragedy that struck Eastern Japan. We are glad to say that despite difficulties, the Japanese spirit never swayed throughout recovery.
This year, researchers from all over Japan and abroad are able to convene again to discuss the frontiers of stem cell research.
I have the unbelievable role of moderator in the panel discussion between these eminent scientists:

Shinya Yamanaka – of iPS cell fame, Director of CiRA
Kyoto University
Austin Smith – a pioneer in embryonic stem cell research
University of Cambridge
Michinori Saito – unravelling the mysteries of germ cells
Kyoto University
Marius Wernig – of iN (induced neuron) fame
Stanford University School of Medicine
Masaki Ieda – directly reprogrammed fibroblasts to cardiomyocytes
Keio University School of Medicine
Haruhisa Inoue – defining iPS cell disease models for neurodegenerative disorders
Kyoto University

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