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Written by: on August 14, 2011 @ 06:22

Welcome to our newly revised website!

I hope you enjoy the new look, new content, and updates.

If this is your first time here, I hope you to leave you with a pleasant first impression.

Content has been added or revised on each page – take a look around and discover. We now have a News section thanks to WordPress blog features, and a central location for leaving Comments, another WordPress addition.

The look is now much cleaner, and that dammned cataract inducing background and purple theme is a thing of the past. Thanks go out to Foradian for the Kasrod theme which I used as a base for my html hacks.

The old website was produced using iWeb. Despite the ease of editing content, layouts were flaky once published, making updating an surprising and unpredictable experience. Considering the lack of support from Apple with recent OS and iWork updates, I felt it was time to change.

WordPress has been fun to work with. Being able to dig down into the html gives a layer of control and deep understanding that iWeb could never achieve.

I would compare the two approaches to driving standard or automatic. Although it seems to be a dying art, I have always appreciated the interactive nature of a standard vehicle. I find WordPress to be a similarly enjoyable experience.

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