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Written by: on June 14, 2012 @ 00:46

The 10th Annual ISSCR Meeting is on now in Yokohama.
It’s great to see such a massive turnout – this is the first time the event is being held in Asia (unless you consider Australia Asia 😉 ).

The plenary session was a fantastic array of top notch science. Rudy Jaenisch amazed everyone with his systematic analysis on reprogramming, while John Gurdaon and Austin Smith provided a very classy view stem cell and early embryonic of biology. Kazu Takahashi did a great job filling in for Shinya Yamanaka – somehow Kazu can deliver a common statement as a hilarious joke.

Come drop by our lab’s reprogramming poster Thursday afternoon (T-3296), and come see the other work we are doing using piggyBac vectors at our collaborator’s posters (Thursday: T-3299, T-3212; Friday: F-1151, F-3259).

Enjoy Japan!

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