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Stem Cells and Genome Engineering

Written by: on June 8, 2012 @ 07:45

Medicine and medical treatments are evolving rapidly. Cell-based therapies are getting closer to reality, with an amazing potential to revolutionize medical treatments ranging from ulcers to spinal cord injury. It’s getting harder to keep up with medical advances.
The idea of cell therapies may still be a touchy subject for some. Indirectly marred by an unfortunate and greatly misunderstood history of an early gene therapy trial, it could be some time still before the public in general openly accepts what will likely become the biggest leap forward in human health since antibiotics.
Being properly informed of the reality of cell therapy is important – otherwise the mind-boggling processes used by scientists to make cells behave the way we would like them to in the lab, may result in misleading impressions. Like this:

Life scientists and physicians are motivated by improving human health, and take extreme measures to ensure that no additional dangers are encountered by potential treatments. Cell processing is probably the most strictly regulated area of science. Respecting such cautions is the main reason we have yet to see cell therapies commonly in the clinic. To the layman, research is unfamiliar and may use terms with unsettling connotations. The unknown is always a little scary. So its common practice to balance it with humor.
Now, by posting this comic am I helping de-mystify cell therapy? Likely not. Sorry. If I wanted to do that, I should send you here. Please go visit for the truth. 😉

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