Message from
the Knut Woltjen Lab.

The way a genome is written, organized, and expressed dictates biological function, health, and disease.

Pioneering genome engineering technologies in human iPS cells for over a decade, the Woltjen Laboratory develops functional genomics and cell engineering strategies for disease modelling and improved stem cell therapies.

Our methods have been applied to enhance cellular reprogramming and rejuvenation, direct differentiation, and correct mutations causing human genetic disease.

Candidates will have the opportunity to learn how to design genetic and epigenetic editing tools and apply them in iPS and differentiated cells to modify their function.

Our lab offers you a valuable research experience in a city steeped in Japanese culture, with an experienced and internationally diverse team to guide you.

Spend your Summer learning how to control the human genome with us!

(Acceptance period´╝Ü2-6 weeks)