Iwasaki Group's first paper

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On the last day of Heisei 2019/04/30, the Iwasaki Group’s first paper was accepted.

Removal of interference MS/MS spectra for accurate quantification in isobaric tag-based proteomics.
Iwasaki M, Tabata T, Kawahara Y, Ishihama Y, Nakagawa M
Journal of proteome research, 2019年4月

We have proposed a new quantitative analysis method for proteomic quantification analysis using isobaric tags such as iTRAQ and TMT. We proposed a new method called RiMS (Removal of interference mixture MS/MS spectra). This program of the method is yet not easy to use because there are no comments in the script, but I would like to add comments and a Users guide in the near future.
This was the first paper as a corresponding author. It was extremely rewarding and fun that all responsibility was on my own and that the method I wanted and made was finally published. I will do all my best also in the era of Reiwa.

190509 added: We uploaded User’s guide and scripts on sourceforge.RiMS program