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Dept. of Life Science Frontiers
Kazutoshi Takahashi (Junior Associate Professor)

Kazutoshi Takahashi Ph.D.

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Research Overview

The ability to reprogram somatic cell nuclei was achieved through the analysis of the mechanisms that maintain pluripotency in embryonic stem (ES) cells. Safety remains one of the primary issues associated with the various means of generating such induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. This may be accomplished by the establishment of standardized and stable cell culture methods for maintaining safety and quality. iPS cells share many of ES cells' positive attributes, but they share many of the same difficulties to be overcome as well, such as complex culture requirements and karyotypic instability.

Our research aims
Although techniques have already been developed for inducing pluripotent stem cells, we still have much to learn about the pluripotent state. The true value of ES and iPS cells will only be realized once they can be fully controlled by users, which will require a deeper understanding of their cellular properties.

Our group will use molecular and cell biological techniques to gain a better undersatnding of mechanisms underlying the pluripotent state. We expect to pursue crucial issues in this work, not only the reprogramming phenomenon itself, and are particularly intrigued by the variations between cell lines that arise from differences between individuals.

We will further seek to develop applications for our findings in cell reprogramming and the generation and maintenance of clinical–grade cells.

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