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Principal Investigators

Dept. of Cell Growth and Differentiation 
Shin Kaneko (Associate Professor)


Ueda N, Zhang R, Tatsumi M, Liu TY, Kitayama S, Yasui Y, Sugai S, Iwama T, Senju S, Okada S, Nakatsura T, Kuzushima K, Kiyoi H, Naoe T, Kaneko S, Uemura Y.

BCR-ABL-specific CD4+ T-helper cells promote the priming of antigen-specific cytotoxic T cells via dendritic cells. Cell Mol Immunol. 2016 May 16.

Kaneko S.

In Vitro Generation of Antigen-Specific T Cells from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells of Antigen-Specific T Cell Origin. Methods Mol Biol. 01 April 2016.

Sugai S, Yoshikawa T, Iwama T, Tsuchiya N, Ueda N, Fujinami N, Shimomura M, Zhang R, Kaneko S, Uemura Y, Nakatsura T.

Hepatocellular carcinoma cell sensitivity to Vγ9Vδ2 T lymphocyte-mediated killing is increased by zoledronate. Int J Oncol. 2016 May;48(5):1794-804.

Kitayama S, Zhang R, Tian-Yi Liu, Ueda N, Iriguchi S, Yasui Y, Kawai Y, Tatsumi M, Hirai N, Mizoro Y, Iwama T, Watanabe A, Nakanishi M, Kuzushima K, Uemura Y, and Kaneko S.

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Karagiannis P, Iriguchi S, Kaneko S.

Reprogramming away from the exhausted T cell state. Semin Immunol. 2015 Nov 14.

Iriguchi S, Kikuchi N, Kaneko S, Noguchi E, Morishima Y, Matsuyama M, Yoh K, Takahashi S, Nakauchi H, Ishii Y.

T cell-restricted T-bet overexpression induces aberrant hematopoiesis of myeloid cells and impairs function of lung macrophages in the lung. Blood. 2015 Jan 8;125(2):370-82. Epub 2014 Oct 27.

Mianagawa A, Kaneko S.

Rise of iPSCs as a cell source for adoptive immunotherapy. Human Cell. 2014 Apr;27(2):47-50.

Hirata S, Takayama N, Jono-Ohnishi R, Endo H, Nakamura S, Dohda T, Nishi M, Hamazaki Y, Ishii E, Kaneko S, Otsu M, Nakauchi H, Kunishima S, Eto K.

Congenital amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia iPS cells exhibit defective MPL-mediated signaling. J Clin Invest. 2013 Sep 3;123(9):3802-14.

Kaneko S, Yamanaka S.

To be immunogenic, or not to be: that's the iPSC question. Cell Stem Cell. 2013 Apr 4;12(4):385-6.

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Generation of rejuvenated antigen-specific T cells by reprogramming to pluripotency and redifferentiation. Cell Stem Cell. 2013 Jan 3;12(1):114-26.

Bondanza A, Hambach L, Aghai Z, Nijmeijer B, Kaneko S, Mastaglio S, Radrizzani M, Fleischhauer K, Ciceri F, Bordignon C, Bonini C, and Goulmy E.

IL-7 receptor expression identifies suicide gene-modified allospecific CD8+ T cells capable of self-renewal and differentiation into antileukemia effectors. Blood. 117:6469-78, (2011)

Shimizu T, Sano S, Takayama N, Kaneko S(corresponding author), Eto K, Takeuchi Y, Nakauchi H.

Constitutive STAT5A activation enables erythropoiesis from human embryonic stem cell-derived primitive hematopoietic cells in the absence of erythropoietin. Kitasato Med. J. 41:42-49, (2011)

Kaneko S, Otsu M, and Nakauchi H.

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Sanuki S, Hamanaka S, Kaneko S, Otsu M, Karasawa S, Miyawaki A, Nakauchi H, Nagasawa T, and Onodera M.

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Machino T, Okoshi Y, Kaneko S, Obara N, Mukai HY, Suzukawa K, Hasegawa Y, Yamashita Y, Mori N, Kojima H, and Nagasawa T.

Hepatosplenic alphabeta T-cell lymphoma successfully treated with allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplant 39:513-4, (2007)

Muto H, Kaneko S, Machino T, Okoshi Y, Mukai HY, Suzukawa K, Hasegawa Y, Imagawa S, Kojima H, Ishii Y, Hitomi S and Nagasawa T.

Quinupristin/dalfopristin and voriconazole controlled Staphylococcus epidermidis pneumonia and chronic necrotizing aspergillosis in a patient with severe lung degradation consequent to multiple treatments for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. J Infect Chemother 12:391-5, (2006)

Kaneko S, Nagasawa T, Nakauchi H and Onodera M.

An in vivo assay for retrovirally transduced human peripheral T lymphocytes using non-obese diabetic/ severe combined immunodeficiency mice. Exp. Hematol 33:35-41, (2005)

Shinagawa A, Kojima H, Berndt MC, Kaneko S, Suzukawa K, Hasegawa Y, Shigeta O, and Nagasawa T.

Characterization of a myeloma patient with a life-threatening hemorrhagic diathesis: presence of a lambda dimer protein inhibiting shear-induced platelet aggregation by binding to the A1 domain of von Willebrand factor. Thromb Haemost. 93:889-96, (2005)

Kojima H, Hasegawa Y, Suzukawa K, Mukai HY, Kaneko S, Kobayashi T, Kamoshita M, Shinagawa A, Komeno T, Komatsu T, Mitsuhashi S, Kawachi Y, Yamashita Y, Mori N, and Nagasawa T.

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Yoshida C, Kojima H, Ishigaki T, Katsura Y, Kaneko S, Suzukawa K, Hasegawa Y, Kawachi Y, Otsuka F, and Nagasawa T.

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Suzuki A, Obi K, Urabe T, Hayakawa H, Yamada M, Kaneko S, Onodera M, Mizuno Y, and Mochizuki H.

Feasibility of ex vivo gene therapy for neurological disorders using the new retroviral vector GCDNsap packaged in the vesicular stomatitis virus G protein. J Neurochem. 82: 953-60, (2002)

Osawa M, Yamaguchi T, Nakamura Y, Kaneko S, Onodera M, Sawada K, Jegalian A, Wu H, Nakauchi H, and Iwama A.

Erythroid expansion mediated by the Gfi-1B zinc finger protein: role in normal hematopoiesis. Blood 100:2769-2777. (2002)

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Reciprocal roles for CCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP) and PU.1 transcription factors in Langerhans cell commitment. J Exp Med 195:547-558, (2002)

Suzuki A, Zheng YY, Kaneko S, Onodera M, Fukao K, Nakauchi H, and Taniguchi H.

Clonal identification and Characterization of self-renewing pluripotent stem cells in the developing liver. J Cell Biol 156:173-184, (2002)

Kaneko S, Onodera M, Fujiki Y, Nagasawa T, and Nakauchi H.

The simplified retroviral vector GCsap with murine stem cell virus long terminal repeat allows high and continued expression of enhanced green fluorescent protein by human hematopoietic progenitors engrafted in non-obese diabetic/severe combined immunodeficiency mice. Hum Gene Ther 12:35-44, (2001)

Yasukawa M, Hasegawa A, Sakai I, Ohminami H, Arai J, Kaneko S, Yakushijin Y, Maeyama K, Nakashima H, Arakaki R, and Fujita S.

Down-regulation of CXCR4 by human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) and HHV-7. J Immunol 162:5417-5422, (1999)

Ohminami H, Yasukawa M, Kaneko S, Yakushijin Y, Abe Y, Kasahara Y, Ishida Y, and Fujita S.

Fas-independent and nonapoptotic cytotoxicity mediated by a human CD4(+) T-cell clone directed against an acute myelogenous leukemia-associated DEK-CAN fusion peptide. Blood 93:925-935, (1999)

Yasukawa M, Ohminami H, Kaneko S, Yakushijin Y, Nishimura Y, Inokuchi K, Miyakuni T, Nakao S, Kishi K, Kubonishi I, Dan K, and Fujita S.

CD4(+) cytotoxic T-cell clones specific for bcr-abl b3a2 fusion peptide augment colony formation by chronic myelogenous leukemia cells in a b3a2-specific and HLA-DR-restricted manner. Blood 92:3355-3361, (1998)

Kaneko S, Nagata M, Takemura H, Yuhara T, Akama T, Suzuki H, Yamane K, and Kashiwagi H.

Gelatinous transformation of bone marrow with pancytopenia in an emaciated patient with systemic lupus erythematosus. Jpn J Rheumatol 8:167-173, (1998)
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