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2015 Financial Report

The success of CiRA in fiscal 2015 has resulted in the most successful year yet for the iPS Cell Research Fund, as the fund collected nearly 2.5 billion yen (approximately U.S $22 million) from approximately 9700 donations.

The increase in donations has allowed CiRA to increase its spending of the fund by 60%, money that has been used to support our research and hire new staff, including those working at CiRA’s second research building, which opened in March of 2015.

As of March 31, 2016, the iPS Cell Research Fund had a balance of over 5 billion yen. The costs of a research institute like CiRA are immense, so this money has gone a long way to helping us both expand the number of labs devoted to iPS cell research and provide stable funding to run them. Yet the majority of CiRA’s staff remains on fixed-term contracts. The iPS Cell Research Fund is critical to keeping these talented people at CiRA and to continue our progress in iPS cell research.

Your support is key to our goal of taking iPS cells to the clinic.
iPS Cell Research Fund FY 2015 Financial Report (Apr.1, 2015-Mar.31, 2016)
  Number of donations Amount
(thousands of yen)
Individual 9,100 2,054,396
634 414,297
Total 9,734 2,468,693
Expenditures Amount
(thousands of yen)
Personnel 208,935
Research projects 48,022
Intellectual property 8,633
Other operating expenses
(※portion to Kyoto University)
Total 385,857
Fiscal Year 2015 Balance 5,062,674

※ This portion contributes to overall operating costs at Kyoto University, including those that support CiRA.

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