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Life at CiRA

CiRA organizes various events to facilitate active research exchanges among researchers and students.

CiRA Progress Seminar

Through presentations and active discussions in English, CiRA researchers and students share their research progress, including unpublished data, to receive valuable feedback and comments to improve their research and presentation skills.

All CiRA faculty, researchers, and students are encouraged to participate in this weekly seminar series.

CiRA Retreat

Poster Session at CiRA Retreat 2019 in Shiga, Japan.
Poster Session at CiRA Retreat 2019
in Shiga, Japan

We hold an annual research conference for CiRA researchers and students at remote locations.

Participants engage in discussions through oral and poster presentations and deepen their learning through lectures by external guest speakers, including those from different fields.

They also enjoy social events to nurture friendship.

CiRA International Symposium

Speakers and chairpersons at the 2023 CiRA International Symposium held at Kyoto University.
Speakers and chairpersons at the 2023
CiRA International Symposium held
at Kyoto University.

We organize an international symposium once every two years to disseminate research activities from CiRA and promote iPS cell research by facilitating scientific exchanges among researchers from around the world. Renowned researchers from Japan and abroad deliver lectures, and participants showcase their latest research findings through poster presentations and networking events.

CiRA English Training Programs

To improve English communication skills, we offer classes for science writing, science presentations, and conversational English on an annual basis.

In the science writing and presentation classes, native speakers with scientific training act as instructors.

The English conversation class is conducted by inviting professional instructors from outside the university.

Career GPS Seminars

There are endless possibilities when it comes to future career paths for trainees with world-class scientific training at CiRA.

This seminar series aims to introduce the different career paths available for CiRA trainees and put them on the inside track by inviting seasoned professionals from various sectors to give a brief overview of what they do in their respective areas and what trainees will need to find success in whichever career they choose.

LEVEL UP! Workshop Series

Whether CiRA trainees plan to stay in academia or venture into other sectors, there are specific skills that are invaluable to any successful career.

The LEVEL UP! Workshop Series is designed with this mind to complement the scientific training CiRA trainees receive with additional skills to ensure success in their exciting and rewarding careers ahead.

Social Activities

Social Events

To promote friendship among CiRA members, a year-end party is held in the CiRA entrance hall, and social gatherings such as CiRA Social and Coffee Hour are also organized several times a year.

Club Activities
  • Language.Exchange@Lunch.CiRA

    CiRA embraces the diversity in its faculty, staff, and trainee populations. This weekly language exchange program during lunchtime welcomes all CiRA members to come and practice their English and Japanese language skills through fun and casual conversations.

  • ChoiRA

    This is a choral group mainly composed of CiRA members. The group meets once a week after work in CiRA and performs at the year-end party.

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