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CiRA Fellowships

Fellowship Program of Promotion of Internationalization of Research

The purpose of this program is to support and encourage CiRA labs to employ outstanding young postdoctoral researchers to enhance CiRA's international competitiveness and to spread iPS cell technology abroad.

Available positions are announced here with the application guideline.

  • Eligibility
    The candidate researcher must be a Ph.D. holder by the time the fellowship begins and must hold a non-Japanese passport.
  • Duration
    The fellowships are for one year, but can be extended up two additional years following annual reviews.
  • Process
    CiRA PIs apply for the fellowship to CiRA Review Committee.
    (Twice application periods a year)

    The Review Committee approves and grants fellowship to the PIs.

    The PIs recruits Postdoctoral researchers.

    Candidate Postdoctoral researchers contact to the PIs and apply for the position.

    The PIs assess and accept the candidate Postdoctoral researchers.

For any inquiries, contact to
(Please change * to @)

Other Fellowship

You can find other fellowship program in Japan at the website below.

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