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Idea: Junior Associate Professor Masato NAKAGAWA
Design: Graphic Designer Akio OKUMURA

Design Concept

The letters C, i, R and an A are designed to form a human figure. The four colors - blue, green, red and black - symbolize the four defined factors used to produce the first iPS cells as well as the relationship between patients, researchers, clinicians and iPS cells in the field of cell reprogramming.

Selection Process

Junior Associate Professor Masato Nakagawa proposed the idea of the logo and graphic designer Akio Okumura came up with the design.

Profile of Akio OKUMURA

Graphic Designer / Visiting Professor at Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University

[ Works ]

Symbol mark: ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. / DIAMOR OSAKA
Corporate image: EZAKI GLICO CO., LTD.
Product package: EZAKI GLICO CO., LTD. / Gekkeikan Sake Company, Ltd. / TANABESEIYAKU HANBAI / Cow Brand
Soap Kyoshinsha Co., Ltd. / KINTETSU department store

[ Exhibitions ]

The Museum of Modern Art, New York / National Museum of Decorative Art in Munich and more

[ Testimonials ]

Suntory Encouragement Prize / Asahi Ad Award / Hong Kong Graphic Design Award / New York ADC Award / New York TDC Award Judge's Choice and more

[ Website ]
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