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Research Overview

At our laboratory, we are studying the pathophysiology and pathogenesis of various intractable disease by using patient-derived iPS cells, aiming at with a goal of applying iPS cells to clinical studiesFor efficient research on disease-specific iPS cells, it is necessary to establish and combine the following three experimental systems appropriately: (1) establishment of disease-specific iPS cells, (2) development of an optimal differentiation system capable of reflecting the features of disease, and (3) analysis of differentiation-induced cells. We are interested in and studying the congenital diseases including hematological diorders with bone marrow failure, primary immunodeficiency diseases, refractory pediatric neurological diseases1, and congenital hearing2 .

*1 In collaboration with Prof. Juichi Ito of department of Otolaryngology, Graduate School of Medicine Kyoto University
*2 In collaboration with Dr. Haruhisa Inoue, Center for iPS cell research and application, Kyoto University