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September 04, 2019

CiRA reports a summary of its iPS Cell Stock

The Facility for iPS Cell Therapy (FiT) at CiRA has published a paper in Inflammation and Regeneration on September 2 that describes the iPS Cell Stock it is manufacturing. This Stock consists of clinical-grade cells, including iPS cells, that have been used in multiple operations in Japan. The goal is to manufacture a stock that serves first the entire Japanese and eventually the whole global population. The paper goes on to describe FiT's goals and accomplishments.

Paper Details
  • Journal: Inflammation and Regeneration
  • Title: Overview: an iPS cell stock at CiRA
  • Authors: Masafumi Umekage, Yoshiko Sato, Naoko Takasu
  • Author Affiliations:
    1. Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
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