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Principal Investigators

Dept. of Life Science Frontiers 
Yoko Hamazaki (Professor)

Yoko Hamazaki Photo
Yoko Hamazaki Ph.D.
Research Overview

The immune system not only protects our body against infectious diseases and cancers, but also causes the rejection of transplanted organs and plays an important role in various lifestyle and age-related diseases.

Our laboratory focuses on T cells - the immune cells most responsible for combatting cancers and viral infections - and the thymus, the organ that produces them. Listed below are our main areas of research, through which we aim to develop methods to enhance and control immune function.

  1. Understanding the mechanisms of thymus development, function, and involution
  2. iPS cell-based induction of thymic epithelial cells and restoration of thymus function
  3. Exploring the causes and mechanisms of human T-cell aging for the development of rejuvenation technologies
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