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Principal Investigators

Dept. of Life Science Frontiers 
Yoko Hamazaki (Professor)

Yoko Hamazaki Photo
Yoko Hamazaki Ph.D.
Research Overview

The immune system protects our bodies against infectious diseases caused by pathogens. At the same time, it is responsible for immune rejection that occurs when organs are transplanted into a human body and is involved in the onset and pathology of various age-related diseases including cancers and lifestyle diseases.

Our laboratory studies the development and function of T cells, which act as the conductor of the immune system, and the thymic tissues, which is crucial for the differentiation and selection of T cells. We will strive to explore the fundamental principles of immunology and develop strategies for controlling immune reactions in order to advance medicine and medical applications.

Our research themes

  1. Development and functions of supporting cells for lymphohematopoietic tissues such as thymic epithelial cells, which play a central role in the differentiation and selection of T cells.
  2. Induction of thymic epithelial cells from iPS cells and reconstruction of thymic functions.
  3. Mechanisms of thymic involution and activation of thymic functions.
  4. Mechanism of immunosenescence and its association with age-related diseases.
  5. Regulation of the human immune system.
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