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Dept. of Life Science Frontiers 
Takuya Yamamoto (Associate Professor)

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Takuya Yamamoto Ph.D.
Research Overview

Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of iPS cell induction and differentiation processes is an important step leading to the application of iPS cells for regenerative medicine. Previous studies have clarified that nuclear events, such as the control of transcription and epigenetics, are keys to the processes. The recent marked advancements in analytical devices in the life science field, represented by microarrays and next-generation sequencers, have facilitated the acquisition of enormous amounts of data within a short time. To extract biologically meaningful information from such an enormous amount of data, knowledge and analytical techniques (dry), such as bioinformatics employing computer science, as well as molecular- and cell-biological knowledge and experimental techniques (wet) are essential. The primary objective of our study group is to perform exhaustive analysis of the entire genome through multilateralmutlilateral approaches, fuse the dry and wet techniques by feedback, and elucidate the induction and differentiation processes of iPS cells in an integrative way. Information acquired through this study may not only be directly linked to a safe, efficient iPS cell preparation technique, but also lead to new possibilities with regard to application for regenerative medicine.

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