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Principal Investigators

Dept. of Cell Growth and Differentiation
Yukako Oda (Associate Professor)

Yukako Oda
Yukako Oda Ph.D.
Research Overview

We will explore the mysteries of maintaining homeostasis in individuals from epithelial tissues.

Epithelial tissues are located at the outermost layer of the body and are constantly exposed to stresses such as damage, infection/inflammation, and osmotic pressure. It has been unclear how the barrier function of epithelial tissues is maintained and formed under such conditions, as well as the molecular mechanisms and regulatory factors involved. Recently, we originally discovered that there is a factor that induces the formation of tight junctions in the secretion of mouse tissues, which is responsible for the barrier function, and succeeded in identifying a novel physiologically active peptide, JIP.

Based on these findings, our laboratory is currently working on the following themes. We aim to understand the mysteries of homeostasis in individuals and to develop drug discovery.

1. Induction and regulation of epithelial cell-
cell adhesion

2. Drug development using human iPS cells
and differentiated cells

3. Understanding of epithelial-immune

4. Control of invasive and metastatic cancers

5. Elucidation of stress response in epithelial

6. Understanding of individual aging starting
from intestinal barrier function

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