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Dept. of Life Science Frontiers 
Yasuhiro Takashima (Professor)

Yasuhiro Takashima Photo
Yasuhiro Takashima M.D.,Ph.D.
Research Overview

Our bodies are made up of cells. Stem cells produce new cells every day to replace old cells and maintain our bodies. Our laboratory aims to control stem cells to promote health.

We have previously succeeded in establishing naïve human iPS cells close to fertilized eggs. In addition, we found that, unlike conventional types, naïve types can differentiate into all cell lineages of pregnancy, including the placenta and yolk sac. We have also succeeded in creating a stem cell embryo model that mimics human embryonic development.

While we are trying to create higher-quality iPS cells and make regenerative medicine a more accessible treatment currently, we also continue basic research on early development using embryo models and research aimed at organ regeneration. In addition, we investigate tissue stem cells, aiming to restore the functions of aged or damaged tissues and organs.

We are working on the following research topics with the aim of contributing to society as a whole, not just the fields of medicine and life sciences, based on our uniquely developed cell culture technology:

  1. Pluripotent Stem Cells: The establishment of next-generation iPS cells and reprogramming.
  2. Early human development: Understanding early human development and differentiation using stem cell embryo models.
  3. Tissue stem cells in organs: Developing novel organ regeneration methods using stem cells.
  4. Non-human primates: Expanding our research to primate models.
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