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Uehiro Research Div. for iPS Cell Ethics  
Misao Fujita (Professor)

Misao Fujita Photo
Misao Fujita MS, MPH, Ph.D.
Research Overview

Full-scale research is about to begin on the clinical application of human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. In order to expeditiously and soundly promote and develop such research, the collaboration and understanding of society including those who participate in this research is indispensible. The Uehiro Research Div. for iPS Cell Ethics will carry out surveys on social needs and public awareness, as well as domestic and overseas ethical regulations and policies concerning the subjects; stockpile of iPS cells in the use of regenerative medicine, mixing of human and animal iPS cells , and dialogue between the public and researchers. Through such activities, the Division aims to organize and clarify issues which may relate to the application of iPS cells in terms of the ethical, social and legal aspects, while considering and proposing necessary countermeasures.

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