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Principal Investigators

Dept. of Fundamental Cell Technology 
Kenjiro Konno (Associate Professor)

Kenjiro Konno Ph.D.

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Research Overview

One of the stated missions of our center is to pursue the potential of iPS cells, going beyond fundamental research to include applied research, with the goal of contributing to the realization of regenerative medicine. This means adapting the results of fundamental research to clinical application in humans. However, before undertaking clinical application in humans, safety and efficacy need to be confirmed in animals. I am a veterinarian specializing in laboratory animal medicine (DJCLAM; diplomate of clinical laboratory animal medicine). As a student I was engaged in research into viruses, parasites, and other aspects of infection medicine. Subsequently, I worked with doctors in medical school facilities in translational research or pre-clinical research, using mainly miniature pigs, monkeys, and dogs to create disease models, carry out organ transplantation, and develop medical devices. Recently, I have also undertaken research into new anesthetics to reduce the pain experienced by laboratory mice and rats. Applying the experience and knowledge I have gained so far, I support both researchers and their animal experiments to pay attention to the welfare of experimental animals.

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