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Principal Investigators

Uehiro Research Div. for iPS Cell Ethics 
Yoshimi Yashiro (Associate Professor)


Shineha R, Inoue Y, Ikka T, Kishimoto A, Yashiro Y.

A Comparative Analysis of Attitudes on Communication Toward Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine Between the Public and the Scientific Community. Stem Cells Translational Medicine 2018;7:252-258

Shineha R, Inoue Y, Ikka T, Kishimoto A, Yashiro Y.

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Inoue Y, Shineha R, Yashiro Y.

Current Public Support for Human-Animal Chimera Research in Japan Is Limited,Despite High Levels of Scientific Approval. Cell Stem Cell 2016; 19(2): 152-153.

Ikka T, Fujita M, Yashiro Y, Ikegaya H.

Recent Court Ruling in Japan Exemplifies Another Layer of Regulation for Regenerative Therapy. Cell Stem Cell 2015; 17(5): 507-508.

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Japan's regulatory framework: seeking to provide impetus to the commercialisation of regenerative medicine products. Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2015;1(1):83-92

Fujita M, Yashiro Y, Suzuki M.

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater: a critique of Sparrow's inclusive definition of the term'in vitro eugenics.' J Med Ethics 2013 Aug 28.

Yashiro Yoshimi, Bannai Hideo, Minowa Takashi, Yabiku Tomohide, Miyano Satoru, Osawa Mitsujiro, Iwama Atsushi, Nakauchi Hiromotsu.

Transcriptional profiling of hematopoietic stem cells by high-throughput sequencing. International Journal of Hematology 89(1):24-33 2009.
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