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February 06, 2024

Getting Guidance for a Future Career in Academia

As a third event in the Career GPS seminar series, the CiRA Research Promoting Office held a "How to Apply for Postdocs (and Other Academic Positions)?" panel discussion for graduate and postdoctoral trainees on November 15, 2023 at CiRA.

Over 40 attendees from CiRA and other Kyoto University-affiliated life science departments or research centers participated in the panel discussion in person and online, learning how to best take their next steps in an academic career path from the panel formed by Professor Haruhisa Inoue (Department of Cell Growth and Differentiation), Associate Professor Akitsu Hotta (Department of Clinical Applications), Associate Professor Knut Woltjen (Department of Life Science Frontiers), and two postdoctoral researchers, Moyra Lawrence (Yamamoto Lab, Department of Life Science Frontiers) and Tatsuya Yamakawa (Iwasaki Lab, Department of Life Science Frontiers).

The panelists shared their vast experience in Japan and abroad and offered participants their advice on various topics about postdoctoral training, including its pros and cons, who should consider it, how to choose the right laboratory for it, how to prepare application material, and what the typical selection criteria are. Dr. Kelvin Hui (Research Promoting Office) facilitated the discussion, taking pre-submitted and live questions from on-site and online attendees.

"I really appreciate that these events are being organized for young researchers and students," said one participant. "It helps to build connections and find role models by getting to know other PIs (Principal Investigators) and researchers."

As the attendees learned from the panelists, a career in academia may be challenging but very rewarding. Hopefully, this event will help graduate and postdoctoral trainees take the next big step in their academic journey.

The attendees responded to a question by Dr. Knut Woltjen
about their career status.

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