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November 20th, 2017, marks the 10th anniversary of
the publication of the human iPS cells paper.

Thanks to numerous researchers and supporters, both basic science and
medical application using iPS cells have made great progress.

We are making the utmost effort to realize iPS cell-based medicine
as quickly as possible.

  • Erdenezaya

    I am a lecturer in Department of Anatomy in Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences. Now our team focused on adult stem cell research. Next step of our aim is the study of iPS cell application.

    Within 10 years the iPS cells have risen from a bench to a clinical application. I think it will have saved many people’s life when it became 20 years old. iPS cells have such almighty power which is discovered and produced by its researchers. This power also includes the ethical problems. I hope the iPS cell’s ethical issue is fine and pure and it would be continued in the future.

    Thank you for the greatest discovery!


    through genetic reprogramming adult cells are turned into iPS cells.i am a medical student and after completing graduation,I wish to study this sophisticated field of medicine.

    I hope iPS cells will establish new achievements in patient specific treatment,cancer research and regenerative medicine.

    Dmitry Dzhagarov

    Shinya Yamanaka the first person who was able to reverse the aging of cells without the help of the ovum!!!

    This is the greatest achievement for mankind. He gave hope for the rejuvenation of the human body. Alchemist's dream began to come true!!!

  • The progress of iPS cell research in these 10 years has gone well beyond my initial imagination.

    Already a collaborating research group in Japan has transplanted iPS cell-derived cells into a patient.

    I look forward to when we will be treating various sorts of patients with this technology.

    I also look forward to reading messages from you.

    Shinya Yamanaka
    Director / Professor of CiRA

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